Winning by Jack Welch - Book Review by Brian Galli

09 Aug 2017 12:00 PM | Tricia Simo Kush (Administrator)

(This piece was submitted for an earlier Practice Periodical and was set aside due to space constraints; my apology. ~ TSK)

The True Art of Winning in Business

Winning by Jack Welch

1. A Capsule Summary of the Book

The book Winning by Jack Welch applies to the business world, and demonstrates the best ways in which an individual can thrive in it. It is a straightforward guide that presents numerous management methods and concepts, from the perspective of Welch, a 40-year veteran with experience in management and leadership. He begins by defining the main ideas of mission and values. Welch suggests they ought to be integrated together through mutual reinforcement.

He also discusses the important of transparency and open communication. This comes into play when ensuring that everyone in an organization speaks up and is respected. Differentiation in managing people is another key to win. In order to win in business, Welch explains leaders must put team development and success over their own needs. Finally, Welch sheds light on the many facets of business that is key to success, whether it be dealing with necessary change, firing nonproductive employees, or reallocating resources. He suggests an implementation of Six Sigma, because of its ability to ensure that an organization can meet and exceed customer expectations.

The complete book review (PDF) is available here: Winning_Book_Review_01042017_BG.pdf

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